Rambutan banana’s ‘unnatural’ beauty: The scientists behind the fruit

A Rambutans banana is the first fruit ever to be genetically engineered to produce a genetic toxin that kills off its host plant.

The new fruit is the product of a collaboration between scientists from the University of Rambuota in Kenya and the World Health Organization.

The banana’s evolutionary history dates back to roughly the time when humans first started colonizing the planet, but it has never before been genetically engineered.

The researchers, who include Dr. David Loughran, who heads the RambutoGen lab, say their research was the first time a banana fruit was engineered for the purpose of being a deadly poison.

The fruit’s genetic composition is designed to attack the host plant and the banana’s genetic sequence is designed for this purpose, said Dr. Loughrans.

“Our banana has been engineered to be a highly lethal poison.

Its very natural, it has been in the field for many years and we are very proud of that.”

The scientists are also excited about the potential for their new banana fruit to benefit the global food supply.

“The fruit will be very helpful in developing new agricultural and agroecological technologies that could reduce the use of pesticides and other chemicals, said lead author Dr. John Wiens, a Ph.

A key to the Ramba plant’s success has been the genetic code of the banana. “

By introducing a toxin that will harm the host, it will reduce the amount of pesticide applied and make the environment more resilient.”

A key to the Ramba plant’s success has been the genetic code of the banana.

The scientists found that the plant’s genetic code, or genome, contains a unique genetic sequence.

This unique genetic code is the basis of the Rmbt.


T, which stands for Rambuzan A.

Tetraplasmatic Toxin, which is a poison that kills and eliminates the plant.

“We have found that our Ramba banana is engineered to make the toxin that we have in our banana,” said Dr Loughans.

“It has a unique molecular sequence that gives it its ability to attack other plants.

This is one of the few genes that have been designed specifically to kill other plants.”

The researchers are currently working to find the specific genes that they need to create a new type of banana fruit that is less toxic.

The next step is to work out how to make more banana fruit from this banana fruit, as the genetic sequence will need to be repeated and modified as it grows.

“This research will help us further develop novel agricultural and agrichemical technologies for sustainable food production,” said Loughains co-author Dr. Wiens.

“At the same time, we hope this new banana will be of interest to researchers working on genetic engineering of other plants, to make bananas that are more resistant to pests, and to increase yields and yield per hectare.”

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