The Next Top Album: The Lychee Fruit Story is an all-star hit!

The next Top Album of the year is out!

Get ready to hear the best and brightest songs of the week and celebrate the arrival of summer with this all-new album of songs by The Lychcese Fruit!

The Lycheese Fruit is a group of indie rockers that released their debut album, A Lyche, in May 2016.

The group’s debut album had a total of 17 tracks, and they’ve now announced that their new album is out tomorrow!

The band has also posted a preview for the album and we’re very excited to finally hear all of these songs.

The preview includes new song “Tiger”, which is from their new single “Lies”.

“Tigress” is a song from their upcoming album “Lovers in the Night”, which features the song “My First Love”.

We also got to hear “Tilted Tree” from their first EP “Weird Fishes of the Deep”.

And finally, “Lucky”, a song about a girl who meets a boy.

“Lonesome” is from the band’s new EP “Bunny-tacular”.

Check out the preview for “Tigers” below and then find out what we think about “Larks” from “Likes”.

The Lychcees debut album “A Lyche” is out now!

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