Clinton’s new campaign chairman: “I love strawberries”

Posted September 21, 2018 08:51:29Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman is promising “strawberries” in a new ad as part of a new push to appeal to the millennial generation.

The ad, titled “The First Amendment” and produced by The Donald, shows a montage of events over the past year where the former Secretary of State and her husband were confronted with the need to speak out about the role of government in limiting the freedoms of citizens.

The commercial opens with the former First Lady asking: “Can I say it again: I love strawberries?

We’ve got a great one for you.

Strawberry, strawberry, strawberry.

Strawberry fruit, strawberry fruit, and now this new one, strawberry,” before introducing the ad.”

And if you’re a young woman like me who has a sweet tooth, or you’re looking for a new taste, you can pick up this strawberry fruit-only coupon code for just $4,” she said, before launching into a song.”

Now, we need you to take your passion to the streets, and join me and the rest of the millions of Americans who are hungry for a change in how our government operates,” she continued.”

Let’s show the government how badly it needs to change, and what we can do to get it to do what we want.”

The ad ends with the President himself, speaking on the phone with a woman in the audience, saying: “When you say the words ‘I love strawberry’ you can take it to the people.”

“I love the people,” he said, addressing the crowd.

“You have the power to make change.”

Trump has been in the spotlight for his criticism of federal regulations on small business owners.

In a series of tweets earlier this month, the President said the Obama administration “is trying to impose new rules on small businesses, and it’s a terrible idea”.

“When you start imposing restrictions on businesses and you say it’s just a job for the government, you start looking at the regulations as a job,” he tweeted.

“The president is saying the government’s job is to do nothing.”‘

The First amendment’ has become a key talking point in the campaign.

The former First Couple will also speak on the campaign trail next month.

As part of their first televised debate, the two candidates will face off on Thursday in Milwaukee.

“The First Amendments is a cornerstone of our democracy,” said campaign spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri in a statement.

“We are committed to defending the First Amendment and will not be intimidated by the President or his divisive rhetoric.”

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