‘Fruit juice’ with a ‘foodie twist’ from a small startup

Fruit juice, a drink made with fruit that tastes good on its own, is being marketed as an alternative to the ubiquitous orange juice and soda, but some foodies are starting to use it to replace those beverages.

In a new crowdfunding campaign, one of the co-founders of the company, Nick Taylor, said that it is intended to appeal to people who don’t like fruit juice and are looking for a drink with “a bit more flavour”.

He told The Register that Fruit Juice was not an “alcoholic drink”, but rather a “fruit flavoured drink” that could be used to replace soda or juice.

It was a collaboration between the startup, which is based in Brighton, and the University of Brighton.

It is aimed at the “low-risk” user, he said, and is “not going to be for everyone”.

“I think it’s good that you’re looking for something that you know you can have a really good experience with and don’t have to make a big decision about,” he said.

“If you can use this as a ‘favourite drink’, it’ll make you happy, it’ll have a bit of a ‘taste’ and I think it will appeal to a wider audience.”

He said that there were already plans to create the product, which he said was being marketed by a number of food companies.

“I’m going to take it on a big stage,” he told TheRegister.

“It’s not going to make it easy for me, but it’s something I think I can really help with.”

The thing is, if we get to a point where we’re making enough to get it to the people who want it and want to make this happen, then we’ll definitely be doing it.

“There’s a lot of people who are trying to do that already.”

Fruit Juice was developed by the company’s founder, Nick Taylors partner, Tom McGlennan.

He said it was a project that was part of the university’s research into the science of flavour, and that the project would not be limited to a single university.

“We’re just trying to use fruit as a way of telling a story about flavour,” he explained.

“This is not a fruit flavoured juice, it’s a flavour-based drink.”

He added that it would be available in different flavours, and would be suitable for all ages.

“When you’re eating fruit, you taste it, and it has this lovely floral note, and there’s a hint of citrus in it.

So we’re trying to make that flavour palatable.”‘

Fruit is the perfect food source for a fruit-flavoured drink’Fridays’ Food Network is bringing in a new food show to the UK’s most popular food network, Food Network’s The Show.

Friday has introduced ‘The Food Show’ with the help of former Food Network chef and co-founder of the BBC show David James, David Hartnett, to showcase the UK fruit and veg markets, with the show looking at the latest developments and how to make the best of them.

“Fridaying is such a busy week for us, so we wanted to bring this show together with the Food Network to give you all the latest and greatest in fresh food, from top producers to local growers and farmers,” said a Food Network spokesperson.

“Food Network’s latest series ‘The Show’ will feature the freshest produce, the best meat, the most flavoursome fruits and vegetables and the latest food trends.”

Hosted by the world-leading chef David James and the food industry expert David Hartns, this show will offer you an insight into the latest trends in the UK, with experts helping you find the perfect dish for you and your family.

“With our award-winning chefs and experts, the show will give you access to the best in fresh produce, with all the top producers and producers’ groups in the country sharing their expertise and offering advice.”

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