Why this story is a big deal for California’s avocado industry

When it comes to the avocado, the state is a “win-win” for the green food industry, according to a new report from the Green Tech Alliance, an advocacy group focused on the industry.

The report finds that the industry is the “largest producer” of avocados in California, and is “doing the best that it can in an environment that is rapidly changing.”

“The state’s avocado supply is in high demand,” the report states, noting that “over 90 percent of the state’s avocos come from California, which is home to one of the most diverse avocado growing regions in the world.”

The report points to a number of factors that support the avocado industry’s success: avocademy.org/article/avocado-expert-review-china-virus-isolation-and-supply-chinas-avocado/ Avocademies report states that China’s avocado industry has “made significant progress” in the last five years.

The country is facing a shortage of the crop due to the “unprecedented” global virus pandemic, and the government has also been actively promoting the growth of the avocado as a way to boost tourism and boost its economic development.

The avocado industry is in a “critical” position, according the report, with avocado production projected to increase by 50 percent over the next five years, with the industry “expected to be the largest producer in California.”

It’s a trend that is set to continue.

Avocado production is projected to grow from 4.4 million metric tons in 2020 to 5.6 million metric ton in 2022, and to double again by 2022 to 6.1 million metric troy tons.

“The future of California’s avoias depends on the actions of the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the state of California, who is committed to ensuring that our avoia is safe, well-managed, and sustainable,” said Avocado Growers of California President and CEO Mike P. Graziano.

In addition to the economic benefits the industry provides to the state, the report also states that avocado farming is also a “wonderful source of biodiversity.”

The industry’s role as a source of fresh water and biodiversity “remains undiminished,” and “the avocado is a great source of protein, calcium, vitamins and fiber,” the Green Alliance said in a statement.

“California is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this opportunity.”

The report notes that the avocado is “one of the few foods that is a direct food for many of the world’s people,” and the industry’s contribution to the planet is “critical to maintaining its sustainable status.”

California, of course, has also embraced the green tech industry.

A new green tech zone is being developed in San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood.

Read more at Bloomberg.

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