Fruit basket delivery: How to get your fruit in Australia

Fruit basket deliveries have been a popular way of getting fruit to supermarkets in Australia for some time, with retailers using the system to deliver to supermarkets and other retailers across the country.

The idea is that consumers can simply drop off their fruit into a fruit basket, pick it up and take home, without worrying about it falling off the delivery truck.

“We are offering a way to deliver fruit to customers in Australia,” the supermarket giant, Woolworths, said in a statement.

“The fruit basket is delivered by the picker in a small truck and is then picked up by a customer in a car.”

The company said fruit baskets can also be delivered via satellite or by the parcel service to customers who are far away from the store.

The new system is part of the $1.6 billion package announced on Monday by the Australian Government, which will provide $200 million over four years for fruit farmers and retailers, including $300 million for fruit growers.

“The delivery of fruit will be facilitated by our own network of farmers, our own small farmer-owned enterprises, and our network of independent delivery providers,” Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce said.

“There will be a direct connection between the fruit and the customer.”

The Government said it will “build on” the existing system of fruit and vegetable delivery by delivering a range of “reduced value” items from produce to products that are not valued for the cost of production.

“Australia’s agriculture industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, employing more people than any other in Australia and has a significant role to play in supporting the global food supply chain,” the Minister said.

But the Government said the delivery system will be fully self-funded, with the Government paying up front to cover the cost and the retailers will pay for the delivery.

“With this investment, we will deliver an effective, affordable delivery service for Australian consumers,” the statement said.

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