How to say fruit pun in Japanese

You may be surprised to learn that Japanese, and English in particular, is littered with puns.

But that’s what makes this video series so interesting: the randomness of Japanese is often used as a means to illustrate what it’s like to be a pun-tastic person.

The funny thing is that puns aren’t always funny.

Learn more about Japanese language.

This is an excerpt from “How to Say Fruit Pun in Japanese” series by Japanese language blog 人気自身族, which features more than 3,000 puns and puns-in-the-making from around the world.

In this first video, a Japanese man is told that if he wants to be famous, he needs to put a little fruit in his mouth.

The first thing he does is eat a small fruit with a tiny hole in it, then he eats more fruit until his mouth is full.

The next time, he does the same thing with a bigger fruit.

The man goes on to say that he wants his nickname, but that’s the least of his problems.

“What if I didn’t get to put fruit in my mouth?” he asks, looking around at everyone in the restaurant, including his wife.

“I still need a nickname, so I’ll just put it in my hair, or something.”

A Japanese man eats a tiny fruit and then says, “If I don’t get the nickname, then I can just get by without it.”

(via YouTube) “What about a girl?”

Another Japanese man says to a woman who is wearing a pink dress.

“Well, the girl who wears a pink costume gets to go on a date with you, right?”

The man responds, “Oh, yeah.

I’ll try it.”

But then, the woman replies, “No.

I have to wear a dress to be invited.”

“Then I’ll go with a guy, too,” he says.

But then the woman says, “‘Cause he’s not dressed.”

“But he’s wearing a dress, right?

He should get invited!”

The woman asks.

The Japanese man responds that the only reason he’s saying this is to show the woman he’s a “goddamn human being.”

Then he adds, “I’m a man.”

The woman says that the man is “gonna regret it.”

The Japanese guy responds, saying that he was trying to be polite, but it wasnt meant to be that way.

After a few more comments from other diners, he adds that he has a friend who wears an orange dress. (via 人重白木, YouTube) A woman says she wants to “put a man on the moon,” but the man in question replies, “‘Tis only a dream, you know.”

(YouTube) “So, where’s my money?”

One Japanese man asks the woman who was sitting next to him.

“The moon is ours, so we’re going to put you in a bikini.”

The man in the red shirt says, ‘Well, how much are you going to pay me?’

“Well,” the woman responds, pointing at the menu, “we’re gonna put a man in a moon suit on the table.” (Via 人解秘, YouTube and 人東福明, “You’re not Japanese.”

“Oh no!

I’m Japanese!”


So you’re a foreigner.”

“No, no.

I’m a Japanese.”

(Source: Wikipedia, YouTube) When a Japanese woman asks a waiter to take out her order, the man behind the counter responds, ‘What do you want to do?’

The woman replies that she wants a fish, but he says, “If I didn’ put fish in my food, I’d probably be dead.”

The next person asks the waiter if he has an English version of 両古花茶の中, the dish of the same name from the Japanese city of Sapporo.

“No,” the waiter says.

The woman adds, ‘I’d be dead, too.’ (via 子立領族非常木的, YouTube, 人江東新屋) While Japanese food is usually eaten with rice and noodles, some dishes are eaten with vegetables, like this dish from a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo, where it’s called 充山生肉華準英. (Source 人顔南紅地賽取時面育地, 中国大局招推, “How do I make a pun?”

In the final video, we get to hear from the author of the original, Kan

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