What happens when a vegan farmer decides to start a fruit farm?

It’s not exactly a new concept.

In fact, it’s been around for decades.

But now, a small farm in central France has started producing its own fruit, and it’s raising the possibility of a broader revolution in the farming world.

The project is called the “basket akito” and its main goal is to provide a healthier alternative to conventional farming.

The farm, which started life as a fruit business, now also produces dairy products and other foodstuffs.

The concept is simple.

You grow the fruit and you eat it.

This is a big shift for the fruit industry, as most fruit is produced from the same trees as its produce.

The fruits basket, however, aims to change that.

The fruit is grown in a way that allows it to become healthier.

It’s also a way to avoid waste, says Agnès Guérin, a researcher at the Institute for Biotechnology, Agricultural and Horticultural Research in France and one of the people behind the fruit basket.

In a lot of ways, the fruit business has to be more efficient in order to become more sustainable, says Guérinaire.

Instead of growing the fruit to meet the demand for it, fruit farmers will now just have to look for better ways to grow it.

And to do that, they’ll have to make more use of other products as well.

Produce production is one of those things that we’re used to producing.

And in the future, we may need more efficient products for our consumers, says Gilles Jorges, who is also at the institute.

He’s the author of a book about the basket akitos concept.

So, Guérins team started working on a new system that they hoped would allow them to produce better fruit.

It involved three key elements.

First, they wanted to make sure that they didn’t need to use any pesticides, which were becoming increasingly common in agriculture.

Second, they needed to keep the fruit fresh and avoid wasting it.

Third, they didn, they had to make it easy to use.

In this case, the system consisted of a collection of small containers that they put in the sun and water for about three months.

The team then grew the fruit, which was then dried in a small oven to be able to ripen.

And it is grown on the same land as its fruit.

According to Guérein, this method allowed them to avoid a lot the environmental problems that would be caused by traditional fruit farms.

And this was a huge benefit.

The baskets were also made in a different way.

They didn’t have to take into account the climate of the region they were growing in, which meant that the fruits could be harvested and the fruit stored for a longer period of time.

It was also a lot less expensive.

This, of course, means that the basket is going to have a bigger impact on climate change.

The idea behind the basket was that the system would allow farmers to grow better, more nutritious and healthier fruits.

In addition to this, the team also wanted to avoid pesticides.

As they say in agriculture, you need pesticides to get a crop growing, says Jorghes.

That’s because the pesticides are toxic.

For this reason, they need to be applied as soon as possible after they are applied.

They have to be used sparingly, as the fruit will rot in the soil.

In some cases, this can be done with a pesticide that doesn’t have an active ingredient, like methyl salicylate.

And as a result, the residues from the pesticide will also have to come from the fruit.

Guéran says that they also wanted a way of reducing the environmental impact of the fruit itself.

This was achieved by planting more trees, using trees that were in better condition, and using trees where the soil was better suited for the growing of fruit.

But the fruit is also grown in containers that can be easily cleaned and reused.

So this also made a difference.

And finally, the basket also has the benefit of allowing them to make use of the resources that they already have.

As Guérien says, “It’s the future.

In the next decades, we will need more and more efficient ways to produce fruits and vegetables, but this is a key part of the solution.”

The idea of growing fruit from the ground also allows farmers to improve the quality of their produce.

In other words, they can produce more healthful products and less toxic ones.

“When we started the fruit farm, we wanted to give our fruit the quality that it deserves,” says Gureins.

“We want it to be the best it can be.”

The fruit itself has a number of advantages.

For starters, the fruits are more nutritious than those produced from other crops.

The result is that the fruit that grows on the fruit baskets will have better nutrition and taste.

For the farmers, this is an important part of their farming experience.

“I’m happy to be

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