Juice is no match for the sweetness of fruit, says health expert

It may sound like a joke, but fruit juice is actually a better bet for losing weight than the average sweetener, according to a new study.

Fruit kabob, mango juice and strawberry juice are actually healthier than sugar and white sugar, while cherry, peach and mango juice were actually more harmful, according for research published today in the journal Nutrition.

Dr Julie Alder said fruit and vegetable juices contained too much sugar, which is linked to heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.

Dr Alder, who runs a diabetes clinic at the University of Queensland, said fruit juices could be better than sugar in reducing risk of heart disease.

She said one of the best ways to make your fruit juices healthier was to add fruit to the water, which can contain high levels of fructose.

“When you add fruit in to the diet, you’re actually actually reducing your risk of developing diabetes,” Dr Aister said.

Dr Alex Halsey, who heads the department of nutrition at the Australian National University’s School of Health Sciences, said one key factor was the amount of fibre in the fruit.

“Fruit juices contain more fibre than sugar or even white sugar,” Dr Halseys research manager Dr Alex Dickson said.

“That’s one of those things that we really need to focus on in the diet and it’s something that we need to do in terms of reducing the amount you’re consuming in terms a fruit and veg intake.”

Dr Dickson says there are many other benefits to consuming fruit juices.

“For example, it’s good for blood sugar levels, you can increase the amount that you eat of fibre, you don’t have to be as strict with fruit juice intake,” he said.

He said fruit juice consumption is the number one cause of heart attacks and strokes in children, teenagers and young adults.

“People with diabetes have the highest risk of having a heart attack, stroke and heart failure,” he explained.

Dr Hausey said the sugar and fructose in fruit and vegetables is what causes the most damage to the gut.

She says the best way to ensure you’re eating a healthy diet is to eat foods that have low sugar and high fibre content.

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