A fruit fly that kills thousands of people every year is coming back to life thanks to a new technology.

Business Insider/Andy Kropa Fruit flies are a scourge on the world.

With a lifespan of about 50 years, they kill millions of people each year, often by eating their eggs and larvae.

They can cause serious illness and damage to crops, and are responsible for more than 80% of all food-borne illnesses.

It’s a particularly bad problem for people living in developing countries where the bugs aren’t a common sight.

But a new research project in India has developed a new type of fruit fly to be more effective at killing these insects.

The research team has already successfully killed thousands of fruit flies in India, and says that the new fruit fly will be tested on humans soon.

The fruit fly kills the larvae and the fruit fly eggs by eating them.

They then turn their attention to the host.

That is the target, in this case, is the fruit flies, but it can be any target.

The researchers used a method called autoclave autoclaving to create a fly that has been genetically engineered to kill fruit fly larvae, fruit fly egg cells, and even fruit fly fruit fly cells, according to The Hindu.

The fly is also capable of turning its attention to a target even if there’s no food in the way.

So, if a fly in the lab suddenly decides to eat a fruit fly, the fruit, it’s actually turned its attention towards it.

So the fly is actually attacking the target even though there’s nothing in the environment around it to attack it.

That means that it doesn’t have to fight for food and the target is effectively dead, said Kripal Shah, a microbiologist at the University of Michigan who led the project.

The new fruit flies are also able to survive even when there are no fruit flies around to eat, Shah told Business Insider.

That’s a major advantage, since autoclaves often kill the target by eating it.

It also means that the researchers are able to isolate a new species of fly that is able to kill multiple targets at once.

The next step will be to isolate the fly and test its effectiveness in other crops, he said.

Researchers also found that the fly can also be effective at attacking bacteria.

In this case the flies can also attack yeast, which makes it an ideal target for the researchers to use in their future studies.

The work is detailed in the journal PLOS One.

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