What do fruit juices taste like?

The word ‘juice’ comes from the Latin word for ‘flavour’, and is derived from the Greek word for fruit.

When eaten, fruits contain some nutrients that help keep the body healthy, such as lycopene and vitamin C. But the sugars that come from fruits can also make them more acidic, which can contribute to a rise in harmful levels of some cancers.

The World Health Organization recommends limiting the amount of fruit juice that you consume, and it has even said that consuming a single glass of juice is the equivalent of drinking three to five cups of water a day.

So what are the ingredients in fruit juices?

Fruit juice contains a number of different ingredients, including fruit pulp, juices, fruits, fruit oils, and sugars.

Many fruit juices are made from dried fruit and may contain sugars such as fructose, sucrose, or glucose.

The pulp of the fruit is then fermented into a liquid which is then filtered through a strainer to remove the sugar.

Other ingredients such as fruit extract, vitamins and minerals are added to the fruit juice to help prevent its spoilage.

In some countries, fruit juices may be made with fruit oil or juice from the peel of a fruit.

Many juices contain a combination of both fruit pulp and fruit oils.

The juice itself is not necessarily a healthy drink, and should not be consumed if you are overweight, have diabetes, or have a heart condition.

The main health concerns with fruit juices Source: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website

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