‘Proud of my country’: U.S. soldier embraces the country he served

When the war in Afghanistan was over, my wife and I both wanted to go home.

Our sons were 6 and 4.

My wife, a registered nurse, was already a registered soldier in the United States Army Reserve.

I knew it was a tough time for my family.

She and my husband had lost a child, our only child.

We couldn’t find the strength to go back to our country.

We weren’t going to let them leave.

But I knew that I could not do it alone.

We had a military spouse who came from a military family.

Our son was born in the U.K. and he had his own family.

My husband, a retired Army colonel, and I have a strong bond.

We were not able to raise him without the support of his military family and the United Kingdom.

As we were trying to find the courage to return home, the first things we did was check on him.

He was healthy.

I couldn’t see the point in waiting.

The other part of our family, my parents, came to the United Nations in New York to make the announcement.

They were proud of their country.

It wasn’t long before the United Arab Emirates made a similar announcement, which was met with a loud chorus of protest.

Our military spouses and our families were all over the news.

But we were the ones who decided to come back home.

As soon as we came back home, we started our life in the military.

I was in the Marines for four years.

My brother and I served in the Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq, where I served as a platoon leader.

We have a very close relationship with the soldiers, and we have a great relationship with our families.

I came back to the U: my wife, our two daughters, my brother, and myself.

I love my country, and this is my home.

The U.N. resolution has brought us closer together.

Now, the U., as a member of the U.-2, has become the new normal.

There are thousands of American troops in the Middle East and South Asia.

This new norm, and the military community, are trying to figure out how to move beyond the U-2.

The Pentagon is working to create a system of joint training with the UAE, which would allow American troops to work in the region without the fear of retribution.

There have been reports of sexual assault.

And there are other problems, such as the UAVs that have been used by U.A.E. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen.

The United States has already been working with other nations to create such a system, which is why I think we have to keep our eye on the ball, which has always been the case.

The fact that we are going to a new norm is a positive.

I think it is a new beginning.

I am a proud American citizen.

I want to be proud of my homeland.

My family has always lived in the country and has a strong connection with it.

Our first son, I was born here.

My daughter was born a few months ago, and now we have our second son.

I have spent my entire life here, and have lived my entire adult life here.

And this is what the U is doing for me.

The world has changed.

The last thing we need is a U.AX to replace us.

There is a tremendous amount of anxiety in our country right now, but the reality is we are in a new phase in the war on terror.

It is a very difficult phase, but I am proud of the country that I have served in.

The war on terrorism has been a very important part of my life.

And I am going to keep my focus on that.

Our new normal is a little different.

We are in the middle of a new paradigm of war, where we are not going to wait for a UAV to be used.

We will use a variety of means to try to kill those who we think are enemies.

And the U has taken that stance and continues to work with the other countries that are using it.

We need to do more to make sure that the use of the drones that are being used to kill people does not have unintended consequences.

The president is right to be cautious about these things.

The military has to be very cautious.

It has to stay focused on the fight against al-Qaida, which I think the president and others are making too big of a deal about.

The new normal has created a lot of uncertainty and problems, but it is our new normal, and there are people who want us to go there.

We should be able to go to our homeland and do our jobs, and do them well.

And we should be proud to do that.

As the UAs commander-in-chief, I am very happy that my wife is home.

She is in her mid-70s.

We can go back together, and it is wonderful

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