Israel says fruit-eating bird has been found on Israel border

An Israel Border Police officer walks along the border fence separating Israel from Jordan near the border crossing at the Erez crossing, near Jerusalem, May 29, 2019.

“We believe that it belongs to a bird that eats fruit,” said Border Police spokesperson Gilad Shalit, referring to the fruit-tasting bird.

“It is not the bird’s fault, we are investigating it.”

On Wednesday, the bird was found at the site of a fence, but it wasn’t immediately clear what kind of fruit it was eating.

“When I looked it over, it looked like a little yellow fruit, maybe a piece of cucumber,” said the officer, who was not authorized to speak to the media.

“I could see that it was a very small bird.”

The officer said he would investigate further to find out what was eating it.

A border fence has been erected along the Israel-Jordan border to keep out illegal migrants from the Palestinian territories, including Palestinians, since the 1967 war.

The fence has remained in place since it was constructed.

Israel has recently introduced a new law, known as the Law of Return, which stipulates that Palestinians who come to the country through its southern borders will not be granted Israeli citizenship.

Palestinians have been able to legally travel to Israel under a special permit issued by the United Nations, which has been unable to guarantee access to Palestinian villages and homes.

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