‘It’s not going to stop’: A father who was thrown from a helicopter over the border


— It was just a simple mistake, but it made a life-changing impact.

The man was on his way to a wedding party when a small helicopter landed and he was tossed from it.

It was a small mistake that has led to the man being reunited with his family.

The incident happened on April 9.

The helicopter pilot had just flown a wedding celebration from Oregon to Florida.

That day, he had flown his wedding band to the front of the plane and was going to take off for the coast when he got a call from the pilot saying there was a helicopter near the airport.

The pilot had been in the area a few hours earlier and he said there was some kind of trouble in the middle of the night, but nothing serious.

He was not going over the U.S.-Mexico border with the chopper, and he had been on the other side of the border.

The pilot did not know the pilot was a police officer.

He decided to make a stop.

That was when he was thrown off the choop, hit in the face and broke his jaw.

The family of the man said the injury was so severe he has lost a lot of teeth.

The man’s wife and son had to be taken to the hospital.

“It was like I was hit by a car.

It’s not like I had a lot going on,” said the pilot’s wife, who asked to remain anonymous.

“It just hit me in the head.”

The family said it is difficult to explain what happened to their husband, but they are grateful the helicopter was able to come to their aid.

They have taken in their own son.

“He was on the way to his wedding.

We thought he was headed to a party.

We’re so happy to have him back.

He was the only person in the wedding band,” the pilot said.

The chopper has been repaired, and the family is now working with the sheriff to try to get the pilot and the police department to do something to prevent the accident.

They said it will take time to figure out exactly what happened and what can be done about it.

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