A fruit market in the middle of war: A man’s journey to find happiness

Jack, a farmer in the central Philippines, was walking along the road from his house to his store when he spotted a car with a man on the hood.

The driver looked like a soldier.

Jack was shocked.

The driver was a soldier too.

The war had just started and there was a curfew in Manila.

A soldier had just been killed.

Jack had seen plenty of soldiers.

He was just looking for a fruit market.

He took a phone and a camera.

He called the police.

“They were saying, ‘We are investigating, but we cannot find any fruit, just in case, we are afraid there are snipers’,” he said.

So Jack drove to a farmhouse in the center of town, called Bambang.

There, he and two friends found a man and a young girl, both of whom he had met in a village.

The farmer was in his 40s and had been fighting for his country for more than a decade.

He had been killed in a roadside bomb, and his wife had lost a child in the attack.

He did not have a wife, and he had just moved to Bambag, where his wife works.

The farmhouse was his home.

“We did not want to leave the village,” he told Al Jazeera.

It was a moment of relief, he said, and then, in an instant, it was over.

“I got to know them very well,” he said of the soldiers.

“Their faces were very close.

I did not even think about it, I did it for them.

They would say to me: ‘You are a hero, I am glad that you came to our village, we lost a soldier.’

And I said: ‘Yeah, but I was just a farmer, I was looking for fruit.'”

They said the soldier was a former soldier, the woman was his daughter.

“She was crying, she had lost her child.

She told me she was very scared and she could not believe it.

I said to her: ‘If you are not scared, you will not believe me’.”

But the soldiers were not afraid.

The farmer and his friends were not the only ones to find joy in the fruit market’s opening, he added.

For the next three months, the farmers and their families were able to enjoy a paradise: the market was open for business, the people of Bambalang had a new lease on life, and a small but determined group of people in the country were working towards their own goals.

But as Jack and his family were walking through the markets, they saw that it was not always the way it used to be.

There were still snipers and snipers everywhere, and even more were killed, including children, in the war.

For a while, Jack and the rest of the farmers were left alone.

But as the war began to end, Jack began to worry about what would happen if the country became a military-controlled city.

He and his other friends were told to leave.

“I felt scared,” he explained.

Jack eventually had to move away from the city to avoid a situation similar to the one that he had faced in the past.

But he could not let go of his dream.

“If I go back to my village, I would be the same old farmer.

I would still have my family.

I was scared,” Jack said.”

But I knew it would be better to stay, so I decided to return to Bumba, where I had started from.”

The village was now a military base.

The village was home to some 60 families, and some 30,000 soldiers.

Jack and others had to find a way to survive in the new city, and many decided to take up arms.

“In Bamba, it is a very hard life.

People have been killed, there is a war, there are many problems,” Jack told Al Sharq.

“People who want to live in peace have to fight.

So I decided that I would fight for peace, to get the peace.”

The soldiers were the first to arrive at Bambamang.

They had to be driven to the city and driven around for weeks.

They were fed with water, food and a medicine kit that was given to them by the local government.

They also had to pass through a few checkpoints, but it was the checkpoints that drove the villagers crazy.

The army took over the town, and for months, they were allowed to leave their houses.

But then, on September 1, 1987, the military began to attack Bambambamung.

“It was the biggest bombing in the city, which killed hundreds of people,” Jack recalled.

“There were about 400 people that were killed.

There were also many children who were killed.””

They bombed us on the second day.

Then they went back to the town and they killed many more people,” he added, adding that the soldiers had not been told to stay

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