Japan’s fruit cliparts may be as old as the nation itself, but the country’s creators are still making them!

Japan has its own fruit clip art tradition, and now some Japanese artists are pushing the boundaries of taste and creativity by adding their own twist to the traditional fruit cake.

The Japanese fruit cake has long been popular in the country, but now, as the fruit cake market in the United States has continued to grow, some Japanese artisans are trying to get their cake even more delicious.

The new, fruit clip-based cakes feature fruit, fruit juice, and a strawberry-flavored filling.

Japanese artist Yuuya Sugiyama, a fruit clip artist from the small town of Kitaoka, says that while he can’t quite call it a fruit cake, he has been making it for years.

Sugiyara began to make the cakes at his home in 2014 and was able to find a place in Japan’s markets.

Sugiya says that since then, he’s received requests for more cakes.

“I wanted to make a fruit loop straw that was bigger than fruit, so I used a fruit juice and a fruit twist,” Sugiyaro told ABC News.

Sugaryama is now offering his fruit clip cake at several markets around the country.

Sugijaya, a local fruit clip maker, said that it’s easy to make, and he is very proud of the quality.

“As a small-scale artist, I have never made anything this beautiful before,” Sugijya said.

“There is a lot of creativity in these fruit clip cakes, and it’s not something you can just buy at a store.

You have to make it yourself.”

Sugiyera says that he also created a fruit-based banana-flavor fruit cake for his clients, and that they have enjoyed it so much that they are now offering it in their shops.

“We sell them all the time,” Sugimaya said.

Sugihara says that although the fruit clip can’t be sold in Japan, he plans to sell it at his next event.

“At the next event, we will have a new fruit clip, and people will come and try it,” Sugiyo said.

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