Why the fruit ninja is a new concept

A new fruit cocktail is making waves in Australia.

And if you haven’t been following the trend yet, then this cocktail is the fruit you should try.

It’s a fruit cocktail created by a monk, who has created a fruit drink that combines a combination of acai and acerola berries.

He called it a fruit ninja because the berries make the drink taste like fruit and the acai makes it taste like wine.

The drink is available in a variety of flavours, from mint to strawberry and raspberry, according to the ABC.

“It’s not only for people who love fruit cocktails, it’s for people with a passion for berries, and I think it’s just a great thing to do,” the monk told the ABC’s RN Breakfast.

The drink was inspired by a conversation he had with a woman who was interested in creating a drink similar to fruit ninja.

She explained she wanted to make a drink that would compliment a lot of things, but that wasn’t easy.

“I’ve had lots of conversations about what it tastes like, and then I thought, why not have a drink which is really good for both?” she said.

“And it’s not just a simple mix, it is quite a complex mix.”

What you need to know about acai berry acai berries are the same as those found in the apple.

Acai berries, which are produced by the genus Acacia, are the most abundant in the tropics.

The berries are found in most of the world, but they are most common in Asia, where they are eaten by a growing population.

They are also commonly used as a flavour enhancer in the Chinese medicine and ayurvedic traditions.

A few of the acarabras that make up the fruit are acai, acai piperita, acaraba, acaro, and acarabi.

The acarabee is the largest of the bunch, measuring roughly two to four metres across.

As the name suggests, the fruit is green, and is often associated with the fruit trees.

It is harvested in July, when the fruit tree has grown in length.

The fruit is then wrapped in a sheet of paper, and placed in a basket to dry.

Acai bergamot, the berry that makes up the acari fruit, is also used to flavour fruits such as apricots and cherries.

The monk, though, has made a fruit juice which he says is different to the usual fruit juice.

Drinking fruit juice is a lot easier than eating it, so the monk decided to do it the old-fashioned way.

He has mixed together three different fruits, such as acarabis, acari, and mariju, and added some water to the mix to make it easier to drink.

“You drink it straight away, but it’s a lot more refreshing if you wait a little bit,” he said.

Once it is done, it tastes a lot like fruit juice, with the acaro and acari berries providing the main flavours.

Drinking the drink in a restaurant is a bit of a challenge, and the monk has added a little extra flavour to make sure you get a good balance of fruit flavours.

The recipe can be purchased online at acarabinobrai.com.au or from a local shop.

Read more about acari:

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