How a fruit fly can make a bee sting

By Jeremy McAllisterThis article is part of BBC News Magazine’s coverage of the bee crisis.

A fruit fly’s sting is so powerful that it can cause a bee to fall off its perch and die.

What happens next is a mystery.

A fruit fly has made a bee’s sting so powerful it can kill a bee by the hundreds.

In the lab, the fly has caused a bee colony to collapse.

But the fly was a lucky escape from the lab and the bees, who have been suffering from an infection, have been left in the dark.

The flies have been found in the fruit fly colony of the University of California at Davis.

They’re now on trial in the US, where they are suspected to be a cause of colony collapse disorder (CCD).

This is not the first time a fly has been blamed for a colony collapse.

In the US in 2007, an outbreak of H5N1 virus caused a huge spike in bee deaths and deaths in California, and the US was forced to close bee colonies across the country.

But Dr Mark Davenport, a scientist at the University and UK Centre for Biological Diversity, believes the fruit flies are not to blame for the latest colony collapse in the United States.

The fruit flies’ sting is quite powerful, he says.

It is quite strong.

It can kill the bee by about a hundred, and that is enough to make a colony go down.

The colony has no resistance, so they fall apart, and then they are not going to survive the next day.

So, the problem for the bee is they’re not going out again, because they have no immunity.

Dr Davenamp says bees that are killed by the flies have very low levels of the insecticide called neonicotinoids.

This pesticide has been shown to kill off colonies in the lab in large numbers, and to reduce the numbers of surviving bees in the laboratory.

“It is not only the bees that have been affected by this, but also the bees in fields,” he says, pointing out that the pesticides have been shown in the UK to have killed bees that were already dead and in a state of severe distress.

The University of Maryland, which has been working on this problem, said in a statement that it was working with scientists in other countries to help test the fruitfly.

“We continue to evaluate the situation, and we will continue to monitor the situation closely as well,” the statement said.

“Bees in the wild will not be able to tolerate neonic-treated pollen for long, and they can only survive for a short time in a colony.

We need to make sure the bees are treated accordingly.”

Beekeeper John Naylor, who has been beekeeping for 25 years, believes that the fruit Fly could be responsible for a bee outbreak.

“I would be surprised if there weren’t two or three people out there that have died,” he said.

The UK Beekeepers Association (BMA), which represents beekeepers in the country, said it was “shocked” by the latest news and has urged the beekeepers to be vigilant.

“There is no doubt that a lot of people in the community are going to be affected,” said Simon Lewis, BMA’s chief executive.

“The BMA is working with the UK government, which is in charge of regulating the farming sector in the north-west, to try and get as much information as we can from all sides to get a better picture of what’s happening and who is at fault.”

What we know so far about the flyThis fly is the third known case of a fruitfly causing bee death.

In 2007, researchers from UC Davis discovered a strain of the fly that was resistant to two of the most common pesticides in the EU.

They also discovered a new type of fly which was resistant only to the neonicin.

The new strain, which had not yet been found, caused a massive spike in the numbers and number of bee deaths in the North West of England.

The scientists say that this is one of the first known cases of a single strain of a fly causing colony collapse disease.

The UC Davis researchers also found the bee colony in the Northern Hemisphere to be in very poor condition.

There are now over 1,000 bee colonies in Britain.

The B.E.N.A. has been trying to get answers from the UK Bee Farmers Association, the bee-keeping industry and the EU to see what is causing the problem.

“This is a worrying development and we are extremely concerned for the bees,” said Dr Darrow, from the University.

“It’s quite hard to know what’s going on.”

In addition to the EU and US, the United Kingdom has been experiencing bee deaths since July, with a large number of bees killed.

The European Commission is currently investigating the situation.

Bee deaths have increased in the European Union and in some countries in Europe, particularly in Germany and France, where there have been reports of bee death by beekeepers.Bee deaths

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