“It’s a lot of love for you and a lot more than you can shake a stick at!”

A woman who’s been dating a star fruit cocktail is sharing the story of how she got the recipe.

Read more”We went to a party and we got married in April of 2018.

We started out with a glass of wine, and I was drinking it with my husband.

And then we went to the same restaurant, and we were eating at the same table.

And we started having this conversation, and then the waiter came over, and he said, ‘Do you have a recipe for a starfruit cocktail?’

And I said, Oh, absolutely.

I mean, I have it on my kitchen counter.

And he says, ‘Oh, this is one of my favorite drinks.

What else?’

And he brought us out to his backyard.

And I told him that we’re going to have a starfish party and he says ‘Well, we’re just going to eat it.

You’re going, ‘Really?’

And then he brings it back, and all I did was grab it and start eating it, and it was fantastic.”

The drink is a variation on the popular lemon and lime juice cocktail, with lime, lemon and star fruit (fruits such as mango, lemons, orange and grapefruit), but it’s the addition of fresh fruit and citrus juice that creates a sweet, citrus-infused taste.

The cocktail is often served with a fresh grapefruit, lemon, and lemon juice, which makes for a refreshing and refreshing drink.

The drink takes about 15 minutes to make, but you can make it as soon as you take a bite.

The recipe for this starfruit and lime cocktail, and other fun recipes, can be found at the Starfruit and Lime Party blog.

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