How to make ‘Dragon Fruit Tree’ from Cartoon Fruit

This is an excerpt from “How to Make ‘Dragonfruit Tree’ From Cartoon Fruit.”

You may have seen this one already.

In the late 1980s, cartoonist Tim Hinterland created a cartoon about an African-American family that moves to a remote Oregon farm.

He called the cartoon “King of the Jungle,” and it sold well.

The family moved to the Portland suburb of Eugene, and Hinterlands son, Greg, became an illustrator for a cartoon magazine called Cartoonist.

He began experimenting with the fruit tree.

He made it a tree with a giant red-and-yellow fruit.

The fruit is called “dragon fruit,” and Hintersons wife, the artist, named the tree “Tiktoks.”

The tree became so popular that Greg created a new cartoon with the same tree, with a black tree with red-yellow skin.

The black tree had been given a name, and it became a character called “King Tyl”.

The new tree was named “Tikk” and the black tree “King.”

The black and red fruit were the same color as the orange trees in the cartoon.

It became the most successful cartoon tree ever created, and Greg’s character became the leader of the family.

This year, Hinterlund and Greg decided to make the same cartoon, but this time with a different tree.

They called it “Cartoon Tyl” and released the cartoon on iTunes in 2017.

“The new tree’s skin was different from the previous one,” Hinterld said.

“It was red and yellow and was named King Tyl.

It’s now the biggest animated tree in Oregon.”

The family relocated to a different farm and became a family again.

Greg’s wife, Marisa, named her new tree “Wifey.”

The new family has a big garden and a small house.

Greg says the new tree has changed his life.

“I was always the one who had to keep things in order,” he said.

The tree was the only thing that I could think of to protect and feed my family.

“When we moved, we didn’t have to worry about food or shelter,” he added.

“Now that we have it, I can just sit there and be at ease and just be happy and have fun with it.”

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